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Decorate Your Home For Autumn With This Stunning Dead Wood Flower Planter

dead flower planter

This dead flower arrangement is the perfect addition to your spooky Halloween decor! It also works perfectly with other fall decor, so it can also be displayed not just during Halloween, but through November, Thanksgiving and the whole Fall season!


Wood Planter Box

Spray Foam

Dyed and Stemmed Wood Flowers

Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Spanish Moss

Lotus Pods


Bleached Baby’s Breath

Dried Phalaris Grass

Birch Branches

Wire Cutters

Pruning Shears

Step 1: Fill Planter With Spray Foam

Begin your dead flower arrangement by filling the bottom of your wood planter box with spray foam. Ensure the entire bottom is well covered, but only a single layer is necessary. The spray foam will expand to three times it’s current size when dry. Let the foam dry for 24 hours. You can use regular floral foam if that’s what you have. I prefer spray foam because it tends to be better at filling in every inch of your container, and also wastes less money and product

Step 2: Cover Foam With Dried Moss

Once your foam has dried, cover with a layer of dried Spanish moss. Attach the moss to the foam using your hot glue gun. Leave some moss hanging over the edge on each side. This will help to cover your stems, any imperfections, and helps to create a more finished look for your floral arrangement.

Step 3: Create The Arrangement

Create your dead flower arrangement by sticking the stemmed wood flowers and fillers into your wood planter box in any pattern. Snip your stems down with your wire cutters, or pruning shears as you go. Wire cutters will work better for the stemmed wood flowers, but the pruning shears will work best for the real preserved fillers, like the Caspia, Dried Phalaris Grass, Bleached Baby’s Breath, Birch Branches, and Lotus Pods used in this arrangement. If you would like the arrangement to be extra secure, you can dab hot glue at the base of the stem to keep it in place.

To learn how to dye and stem your wood flowers, check out my previous blog post HERE.