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How To Create Personalized Hangers With Vinyl

Personalized hangers are perfect for the bridal party to hang their dresses or suits while getting ready. I created these hangers to hold our robes, and each of our dresses. They are simple to make, and very inexpensive once you have purchased a vinyl cutter. If you have an upcoming wedding, or event, I highly recommend purchasing a Silhouette or Cricut you will save a ton of money creating the decor yourself!


Silhouette Cameo 4 or Cricut

Vinyl – You can use any color, but I like Oracal 651 Gold Vinyl or Matte Metallic Rose Gold

Weeding Tools

Clear Transfer Tape

Smoothing Tool


Wood Hangers

Step 1: Create Your Design

personalized bridal party hangers

Begin by creating the design that you will use for the hangers. You will want to start by measuring your hanger. I measured horizontally and vertically across the widest part of the hanger, to ensure the lettering would fit.

When you have the measurements, you can begin to create your design. For this step, you will be using the Silhouette software. You can also use a Cricut machine which has its own software. I prefer Silhouette for a number of reasons, but either will work.

Select your font, and type each bridesmaid or groomsman’s name. There are some great free font downloads on This is the site I use, but there are hundreds of different font download sites to choose from, with all different styles, if you do not want to use any of the fonts that come with your computer. You can also choose to add the date or title, but I didn’t for these particular hangers. Double check that you are adhering to your measurements, I ended up making the titles in a smaller font size than the first name to fit everything.

Step 2: Cut Your Vinyl

Now that you have created your design, you can send your vinyl to be cut. The great thing about the Silhouette as opposed to other machines, is that it is extremely simple to use, and can be used both offline or connected to the internet. When your design is complete, click the ‘Send’ tab, input your cut settings, then hit the ‘Send’ button on the bottom right of your dashboard. The machine will then begin cutting your design. It is important to remember to change your cut settings to match which vinyl you are using. There are some differences in cut settings between glossy, matte, glitter , and other types of vinyls.

Step 3: Weed Your Vinyl

Your design should now be all cut out and ready to be weeded. If you are using a roll of vinyl instead of the sheets, slice off the end that the designs are on with your scissors, it will be much easier to weed this way.

Begin weeding the excess vinyl around your names, titles, and dates if you have them, using your weeding tools . When you are finished you should only be able to see exactly what you want on the hanger. All of the excess should be removed. You will want to cut out each name and title separately, because they will be going on different hangers, and much easier to work with this way.

Step 4: Place Your Vinyl

Place your Bridesmaids name, dates and titles wherever you would like. I have seen some where it is placed in the middle, but others choose to do the title and dates more toward the edges. Either way will work, it is all personal preference.

Cut out a piece of your clear transfer tape with your scissors. Your piece of transfer tape should be able to cover each word completely. You will have one piece of transfer tape for each word you are transferring, depending on how many hangers you are doing.

Peel the backing off of your transfer tape, and place sticky side down on top of your design. The Silhouette does come with a smoothing tool, but you can also buy your own smoothing tool that might work better. Rub the smoothing tool along your transfer tape ensuring there are no bubbles, and the transfer tape is completely adhered to your design.

Now, carefully peel the back off of your vinyl lettering, and place your design in the desired spot on your hanger. Continue this with each name, date, and title.

When you are finished, they should look something like this:

personalized bridal party hangers
Finished Bridal Party Hangers!